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Civil is the oldest branch of engineering in our society. In past years civil engineers focused on design and construction of new facilities such as building ,bridges and highways water treatement and in enviormental facilities etc. For awareness of students about these new technology we started our technical society “Sthapatya” in 2015. The Members of this society are as follows:

Senior Faculty Advisor : Ms. Neha Rana
Aditional Faculty Advisor : Mr. Anurag Singh
Student Chairperson : Shekhar Raghuwanshi
Student Vice-Chairperson : Vishal Thakar
Student Secretary : R. Priyanka, Anmol
Student Treasurer : Dinesh
Student Treasurer: Manjeet Singh
Student Reception Chair : Anurag Sharma
Student Reception Chair : Karan Arora
Student Program Chair : Sanyam Jain
Student Program Chair : Annu Kumar
Student Publicity Chair : Himanshu
Student Publicity Chair : Somika Nanda
Student Membership Chair : Aman Mugdal
Student Membership Chair : Virendra


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