04, February 2019

Annual Day Celebration At DPG ITM

On 4th February 2019, DPGITM organized its 10th sports event “Run 2019” at its sector 34 Gurgaon branch. Different kinds of sports were organized from 4th to 7th February and the event concluded with annual day celebration on 8th Februaray, 2019.

The boxing champion and Arjun awardee Mr. Rajkumar Sangwan inaugurated the sports event with an oath ceremony (to encourage sportsmanship in youngsters). Mr. Sangwan said, “There is no age for the sportsmanship, anyone can start at any age. We can see a huge example and inspiration in our great boxing champion, M.C. Marry Kom. You can also start playing any of your favorite game and thrive in the field.”

On this occasion, some of the renowned sports personalities were also present to guide and encourage young players. Some reputed names include Mrs. Roshni Devi – The Retd. Deputy director of sports,  Mr. Rishipal Dhankhad – Retd, Sports officer, Mr. Bhupinder Ji, and Mr. Sushil Sahrawat – members of weight lifting federation, Mr. Subhash Ji – Retd, district sports officer, Mr. Ajeet Singh and Mr. Ram Singh Ji – Former Volleyball players and many others.

The sports session was started in presence of former Volleyball player and Deputy Speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha, Mr. Gopi Chand Gehlot, Chairman of the organization, Mr. Rajendra Singh, Vice. Chairman Mr. Deepak Gahlot, General Secretary Mr. Surendra Gahlot, and many other members in college management. In addition, Dr. Prahlad Singh, the principal of DPGITM college, Mr. Thakran, the principal of DPG Polytechnic college, Dr. SS Bokan, the principal of DPG Degree college and Mr. Dhankhad Ji, the principal of CPSM B.Ed College were also present there to encourage students.

The first contest was between C.P.S.M. college and degree college where C.P.S.M won. The game started with a competition “Tug of War” between college staffs. The major attractions were  Running contest of 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters, Kabaddi and Volleyball. All the students participated in these games with great zeal and energy.

Mr. Gopichand and Mr. Rajendra Singh Ji thanked guests for their guidance and encouragement for students and later honored them with a shawl, plantation and other momentums.


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